"Suddenly the great fire..."

Painting, it could be at the beginning an egg,
round like the innocence of a head that goes towards the world.

She would be amazed at first to find herself a body.
And for fear to harm it, she would take the brush
to give flesh to her look. She would thus draft
the drawing of the silhouette
like a feeling of the surface that exhibits itself.

Then figuring out the depth of her object, she would open the matter
on the frailty of her nature
where the soul sheds its own leaves in vegetation of flowers and bones,
on her ephemeral condition
where the shadow of death colors the skin with pain,
on the music of her senses
where emotions compose light gestures.

Suddenly the great fire.
And the tissues reveal their colored atoms.
And the shapes spread out on undulations
like an exploration of their geometry.
And space wakes up
like a living picture of the artist's look.
Varouna Maza, 12/2002 translation Marie G
Copyright Marie G 2019 # Website Thomas Morin